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"All appears out of the void and disintegrates again into the void. The simultaneity of existing and non-existing of all things is the center of my work."

About me


08/09 2019
Fresco painting class in Florence, Italy.

09/2012 - 04/2015
Postgraduate studies (Master), Image Science at the Danube University Krems, Exhibition Development, Digital Collection Management.

Masters thesis on image analyses of tantric-buddhist images:
"Documenting rituals by visionary art: The Golden Manuscript & the murals of the Lukhang temple."

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09/2009 - 06/2012
Undergraduate studies (B.A.), Culture- and Mediamanagement at the University for Music and Theater in Hamburg

I have been conducting a profound examination of Buddhist philosophy and thangka painting since 2006. Private studies on non-European art, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy and neuroscience.

Some semesters of Biology studies at the University Vienna

About my work

The mission of my art

My approach to art is transformative. For me, transformative art means giving people the opportunity to communicate directly with art to facilitate personal change and learning processes. This is made possible by an interactive and multi-sensual approach. The artworks themselves are the actors in this interactive theater of destruction and new beginning.


All appears out of the void and disintegrates again into the void. The center of my work is the simultaneity of existing and non-existing of things.
In addition, I am fascinated by different kinds of trance and their impact on the way we experience things, time and space surrounding us. Trance is a fundamental skill of the human mind everybody uses in everyday life. It creates a perfect basis for learning new things and passing information down on others. It is a playful process.

As experiencing artistic trance, let´s call it "flow", simple objects suddenly reveal unexpected facets of their nature. I am sure you have already experienced this flow many times before, while doing stuff you are really passionate about.